Today We Are All Rose


I have a friend, we’ll call her ‘Rose’.

She is a beautiful soul and has a beautiful life with a beautiful family and together they live in a beautiful place. She is having a hard time seeing the beauty through her pain today, though.

Rose has been through hell. Her petals are a bit wilted and singed but her light still shines brightly. Inside her beats a strong heart. A brave heart. She is one of those people that you can feel has a spirit that many of us long to have and want to be near.

Rose is special. I knew it from the moment we met.

She is a survivor and a warrior but today her spirit is weak. She has reached out to me in her hour or darkness and I responded with kind affirmations. I told her I understood and that everything would be okay. I wanted her to know she’s not alone and then I prayed a heartfelt prayer for her, and one for her family and then one for us all.

But today Rose needs your prayers, too. Please send her one if you are the type that prays. If not, send an uplifting vibration through the universe to her. Or just think a good thought on her behalf.

Remember, we are ALL in this craziness together.

We are all Rose.

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