I Went 28 Hours Without Coffee And Here’s What Happened…

Like so many of us, I have dysautonomia that is triggered by my MCAD and I happen to be one of the lucky ones that is helped (tremendously) by coffee.

Yep. I can officially say that coffee is medicine to me.


It was recommended to me by my neurologist and it’s also recommended by the experts who know all about the benefits of caffeine/coffee in (some, not all!) POTS patients:

Caffeine is a drug that will raise blood pressure. Two cups of strong coffee contains about 250 mg of caffeine, a dose that is adequate to raise blood pressure in someone who has orthostatic hypotension (a fall in blood pressure on standing up). Some physicians recommend that patients with orthostatic hypotension who enjoy coffee drink two cups of coffee (not decaffeinated) before they get out of bed.

I do find it funny that they recommend two cups BEFORE getting out of bed. The logistics of that are a bit difficult since I don’t have a butler to brew and serve it to me in bed so I make do and make it myself because I adore coffee.

I LOVE coffee. It runs in the family. Mom mom loved coffee, my hubby loves coffee, our dog loves coffee and tries to sneak it when we’re not looking:

My daughter loves coffee so much that she worked as a barista for years and got a tattoo to pay homage to it:

I love it so much that I even turned our old entertainment center into a home barista stand/coffee hutch to dedicate space to the beloved bean:

It’s not an understatement to say we are all coffee fanatics here!

I usually drink three cups a day of regular coffee made with my favorite organic blend and my delicious home made almond milk creamer or two big lattes made with my louder-than-a-jet-engine Breville machine:

This weekend I ran out of it for the first time since my diagnosis (!) though, and learned the hard way just how much I’ve come to depend on it to control my POTS symptoms.

It was very eye opening! I was reminded not to take it for granted ever again, that’s for sure.

I was also reminded what a pain in the you-know-what it is to live where the grocery store is closed on Sunday. The hubby was out of town for work and I can’t drive thanks to my fainting/seizures, and I didn’t want to bother the kids who live 20 miles away to bring me my special organic coffee so I had no choice but to wait for my grocery delivery which finally (FINALLY!) came yesterday at around 5pm.

It was the worst 28 hours of my life, if you don’t count the same number of hours I was in labor with our firstborn son!

It was awful.

In those 28 hours I experienced a flood of dysautonomia symptoms including extreme dizziness, vertigo, body temperature fluctuations, mood swings, extreme lethargy, wanting to faint, etc.

Once I got a cup of coffee in me it all subsided and I felt incredibly “normal” again, which was a huge relief and pretty surreal, really. I had come to take coffee for granted but no more!

Never again.


I am stocking up on it from now on so I’m always a bag or two ahead. I’m sure the hubby won’t mind me moving his beloved car out of the garage to make room. Heh.

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